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If you are concerned about the environment and believe in recycling wood – R.E. Martin Tree Specialists, Inc. is the company you should choose to get the job done.

R.E. Martin has an expertly maintained tub grinder and whole tree chipper that is ready to aggressively start and complete all jobs. R.E. Martin has been setting standards for value and performance since 1987. We have serious machines for tackling difficult jobs.

Our tub grinder and whole tree chipper can grind or chip the wood, which results in a recycled product. Many of our competitors take land clearing debris, stumps, and large chunks of wood to the landfill.

R.E. Martin is proud to say we recycle all wood materials.

Our tree specialists are committed to keeping overhead costs at a minimum, which directly affects you - THE CUSTOMER!

Recycle or High Cost. You Decide.

Tree Clearing
Tree Clearing

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Certificate of insurance will be provided upon request.

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